Making Changes: featuring My Protein

If there was one thing I never used to be satisfied with, it was my weight. Right through from being  a size 12 or back down to a size 8 - I always wanted to change. I used to work out every single day, I hit my goal and I still wasn't happy. Of course I was proud of myself for sticking to it and keeping up with working out and cutting out the crap - I felt better mentally, I just didn't feel satisfied as a whole. Rather than focusing energy on the materialism of exercise, I should of been focusing it on the health side - yanno the reason we should be exercising and eating healthily in the first place. 


Strawberry and Banana Smoothie

Today I thought I'd share a smoothie recipe with you all. I never used to be that big on smoothies. I've always chosen to have a milkshake over a smoothie (chocolate to be precise) however over the years I've been more open to trying different things and going for the "healthier" option and whilst smoothies aren't *super* healthy, they definitely have more goodness in them. Okay, aaand maybe a bit of sugar but I suppose it's better than reaching for a chocolate for breakfast, or skipping it completely right?!


20 Ways to Stay Productive

If there's one thing I struggle with, it's productivity. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one out there who struggles (or at least I hope I'm not...). I usually think to myself on a weekend 'I'll have a nice relaxing one, watch a few films, do the washing and cleaning and schedule a few posts' and then in reality I'm a groggy slob who feels tired and frustrated with little to no energy to even watch a film - eurgh! I decided enough was enough, I did a little research, changed my ways of thinking and voila. Even little changes to your day can make big differences! I thought I'd share my list of ideas that may give you that little boost you need to keep productive.


Nailbox Review

I've always wanted to sign up to a monthly subscription box but I've just never bitten the bullet. I never jumped on the Glossybox bandwagon either as I'm just the sort of person that would probably get excited over the products in first instance, yet in reality I'd hardly or never use them. I know it's a nice way to test products out but when you have bills to pay you'd rather put the money on something you know you'll get more use out of. I also seem to have a LOT of products floating around my dressing room that I think one day i'll need and well, I just simply don't have room for any more.


Shower Essentials for getting Summer Ready

Well the clouds have parted and it's only raining every few days - it must be Summer! I love the Summer season. Having picnics, BBQ's, beer gardens and generally being able to leave my humble adobe and see a bit more of the world and do some wandering outside. Although you can obviously do that any time of the year, it's a bit easier to kick your butt off the sofa when the suns out. I find it hard to turn down trashy TV and junk food but when its over 20 degrees outside, I find a way.