13 April 2015

Spring Cleaning Tips

I was recently asked to take part in a campaign by Curry's entitled Spring Cleaning Hacks. I love a good old spring clean, and now that I have my own place I'm into it more than ever. So I decided to jump on board and compile a list of my spring cleaning tips.

01. Cleaning out the closet - (Eminem anyone?) Only throw out clothes that are literally falling apart. If not, sell them on eBay/Depop or pop them in a charity bag.

02. Flip the mattress!

03. Wash your windows on a cloudy day. The reason you get streaks is because the sun drys out your window cleaner solution too fast.

04. Use an old toothbrush to get in nooks and crannies. I'm talking door hinges/tracks. Then hoover up the debris and wipe over with a wet sponge.

05. Microwave needing a spruce? Pop half a cup of water and a squeeze of lemon in a bowl. Microwave for 3 minutes and then let it stand for 5.

06. Sprinkle kosher salt over your chopping board and cut a lemon in half. Work the lemon into the salt to clean your chopping board without leaving chemicals.  

07. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie it over your shower head with an elastic band to remove any stains.

08. Use an old toothbrush to clean in between your keyboard keys.

09. Clean your hairbrush with baby shampoo. It's not just your make up brushes that need TLC.

10. Use a lint roller to remove any dust off your lamps and curtains.

Do you have any Spring cleaning tips you'd like to share?

12 April 2015

Learning to love yourself

 Mirror - Pebble Grey*

It's the greatest gift you will ever reward yourself with. For years, I thought I had to be a size 8, have long silky hair and have a permanent tan to love and feel happy with myself. Although I did achieve that, and yes it felt great for a little while, for me it just wasn't a long lasting sense of satisfaction. Yes I felt confident getting my legs out in shorts in the summer time and I was constantly snapping selfies - but then I got bored of that and found a new model on Instagram that I wish I looked like... and I started to pick myself apart again.

I looked back at an image on Facebook I had as my profile picture. I obviously thought at the time I looked good, but now I looked at it and thought 'OMG - why did i ever think uploading that was a good idea'. Sound familiar? We've all been there. Until one day I got bored of putting myself down. How will being so negative ever achieve anything?

Then I realised. You will never be somebody else. Get over it. Love yourself - because that is who you will be for the rest of your life, you can't change that. Period.

I sat down and took a look at myself in the mirror. It was hard, at first as I wanted to pick out all the things I hated about myself but I forced myself to point out 5 parts of myself that I loved. Here's what I came up with.

01. My eyes. I like how they're a dark, rich brown and I think of them as my best feature.

02. My lips. I just like the look of them.

03. My chubby cheeks. I secretly use them to store food in the winter. 

04. My waist. I like the fact that I have a small waist that enhances my curves.

05. My butt. It's massive and I love it.

I'm not vain, I'm not self-obsessed. I'm just learning to be happy with who I am. Yes - that girl is absolutely beautiful but other people say that about you too. Sit yourself down in the mirror and pick out 5 things you like about yourself. It's not the answer to loving yourself - but it's a good start. 

11 March 2015

Turn Your Bedroom Stylish

We’ve all been disappointed by our bedrooms before. Some of you probably are right now! It’s awful when the feeling sets in that your room just isn’t... right, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Well, here are some tips and suggestions for how to transform that dreary room-in-which-you-sleep to a beautiful, stylish, cosy haven of all things slumber!

The Walls A deep, pastel purple paint on the walls can really change a room – the dark colours lower the light in the room automatically, and the purple subconsciously calms, not to mention looks fabulous! You might consider hanging up printed fabrics to hang on any bare walls,
i.e.: Chinese calligraphy or baroque patterns, or even some calming prints of Van Gogh or Hopper, to really instil a sense of calm and give the restless eye something to pick up on. Framing the pictures in ornate, painted frames would give your room that modern-baroque finish, and really have it stand out as a stylish space.

The Desk Or, more accurately, the lack of one. If you’re centring your brand new bedroom around comfort and sleep, you have to banish that workspace! Studies show that working in your bedroom can result in fitful sleep, since you are attributing work and wakefulness to an environment of sleep. Television is a similarly-affecting object, which, depending on your dedication to the haven, should also be removed. If you are like me, however, and thrive on a cosy night of Netflix before bed, it might be worth installing a HDMI-ready screen at the foot of your bed, and installing f.lux on your laptop – a handy laptop filter that turns your screen orange to replicate warm, night-time, artificial lighting and help you sleep after a long slog at the screen.

The Bed You’d be silly not to consider replacing the very thing that you sleep on while revamping the room in which you sleep on it. The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, the thing to which everything else should point; it should be the comfiest bed in the whole wide world, the bed you daydream of after a hard day of work, the bed you see in Bond films and wish were yours. Bedstar are fab for luxury frames and mattresses – a baroque-style steel frame would complement well the walls and picture frames.
Drapes In the words of The Dude, ‘a rug really pulls a room together’. Opt for fuzzy, fluffy throws and rugs that feel ultra-comfy underfoot, in order to really propagate the comfy-ness of the bed across the floor. Making your bedroom a shoes-free room means you’ll disassociate it from the hardness of the soles, and preserve the sanctity of the room as a place of pure relaxation.