Renting: How to Make Use of a Small Living Space

30 November, 2016

I've rented now for the past 6 years - 4 of which were at University. I've never been quite ready to settle down and buy a house, simply because I've wanted to explore a little, and with renting you have the flexibility of contracts, whether these are short-term or long-term, so you aren't tied down to one particular place. Whilst some people see this as wasting money, it's only a short-term fix, and it seems like the best option for me right now.

Things I Love About This Time Of Year

22 October, 2016

This time of year is my bloomin' favourite. It's acceptable to drink Hot Chocolate morning, noon & night (yup, nothing is more satisfying than a big mug of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows) and everything is just so snug and cosy! In an ode to my favourite time of year, I thought I'd do a little roundup of all the things I love...

What I've Learnt: Living with a Partner

16 October, 2016

Personally, I believe that the key to living with someone you're in a relationship with is balance. As I type this I'm sat in the study blogging to my hearts content whilst he plays on his PS4 in the other room. We love spending time together but naturally, we still have our own separate interests that we take time out for too. Moving in with your other half is a big step to take in a relationship, so I thought I would share a few things that I've learnt so far.

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