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Monthly Favourites: July

I don't think I've ever written a monthly favourites before... 

So Eco Make Up Brushes

If there's one thing I absolutely love to try out, it's new make up brushes. Back in the day it was all the rave to spend £30+ on a new make up brush from Mac. Or so I recall from reading umpteen blogs, I never actually forked out myself! I do recall my first foundation brush costing me £5 from Asda and I felt so cool applying my foundation with a BRUSH, I felt like an MUA (this was like 8 years ago now) - god that makes me feel old. These days I find you don't have to spend a fortune for a good quality make up brush. Brands like Real Techniques have probably helped influence this as their products are amazing yet so affordable. Why spend £30 when you can spend £10?

Making Changes: featuring My Protein

If there was one thing I never used to be satisfied with, it was my weight. Right through from being  a size 12 or back down to a size 8 - I always wanted to change. I used to work out every single day, I hit my goal and I still wasn't happy. Of course I was proud of myself for sticking to it and keeping up with working out and cutting out the crap - I felt better mentally, I just didn't feel satisfied as a whole. Rather than focusing energy on the materialism of exercise, I should of been focusing it on the health side - yanno the reason we should be exercising and eating healthily in the first place. 

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