11 March 2015

Turn Your Bedroom Stylish

We’ve all been disappointed by our bedrooms before. Some of you probably are right now! It’s awful when the feeling sets in that your room just isn’t... right, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Well, here are some tips and suggestions for how to transform that dreary room-in-which-you-sleep to a beautiful, stylish, cosy haven of all things slumber!

The Walls A deep, pastel purple paint on the walls can really change a room – the dark colours lower the light in the room automatically, and the purple subconsciously calms, not to mention looks fabulous! You might consider hanging up printed fabrics to hang on any bare walls,
i.e.: Chinese calligraphy or baroque patterns, or even some calming prints of Van Gogh or Hopper, to really instil a sense of calm and give the restless eye something to pick up on. Framing the pictures in ornate, painted frames would give your room that modern-baroque finish, and really have it stand out as a stylish space.

The Desk Or, more accurately, the lack of one. If you’re centring your brand new bedroom around comfort and sleep, you have to banish that workspace! Studies show that working in your bedroom can result in fitful sleep, since you are attributing work and wakefulness to an environment of sleep. Television is a similarly-affecting object, which, depending on your dedication to the haven, should also be removed. If you are like me, however, and thrive on a cosy night of Netflix before bed, it might be worth installing a HDMI-ready screen at the foot of your bed, and installing f.lux on your laptop – a handy laptop filter that turns your screen orange to replicate warm, night-time, artificial lighting and help you sleep after a long slog at the screen.

The Bed You’d be silly not to consider replacing the very thing that you sleep on while revamping the room in which you sleep on it. The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, the thing to which everything else should point; it should be the comfiest bed in the whole wide world, the bed you daydream of after a hard day of work, the bed you see in Bond films and wish were yours. Bedstar are fab for luxury frames and mattresses – a baroque-style steel frame would complement well the walls and picture frames.
Drapes In the words of The Dude, ‘a rug really pulls a room together’. Opt for fuzzy, fluffy throws and rugs that feel ultra-comfy underfoot, in order to really propagate the comfy-ness of the bed across the floor. Making your bedroom a shoes-free room means you’ll disassociate it from the hardness of the soles, and preserve the sanctity of the room as a place of pure relaxation.

1 February 2015

Suddenly Madame Glamour Eau De Parfum Review

Okay so this is probably a perfume you've never even heard of. Am I right? Yes. I hadn't heard of it either until my friend at work started spraying it and I immediately asked her where it was from. I firstly assumed it was Dior or Chanel, and much to my surprise, she responded with "it's a Lidl perfume". Yup, you heard it right... Lidl. Now, I'm not a shopping snob, I love getting a food shop from Aldi - but I was absolutely gobsmacked. It smells like a high end, luxurious scent. 

She kindly offered to pick me a bottle up on her next shopping trip and I was super excited when she brought it into work for me a few days later. Now the packaging isn't amazing but it isn't bad either. It has lovely golden detailing and a peachy tinted bottle. It actually isn't too far off looking like my Ghost Sweetheart perfume. Oh, and the best part of all is, it retails at £3.99 for 50ml - what a bargain!

I'm horrendous at describing scents, but after a little bit of research I found that several newspapers have actually picked up on the luxurious scent too and have compared it to Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle. It's surprisingly rather long lasting too, I usually just have a little top up in the afternoon. Either way, I don't think spending £3.99 for a gorgeous new scent is hardly breaking the bank, so get yourself down to Lidl ladies! 

Have anyone else tested out this perfume before? What where your thoughts?

28 January 2015

Currently listening to...

Sam Smith In the Lonely Hour 
Oh my goodness. This gentleman is the love of my life, sorry Jake. I listened to this album every morning and every evening travelling to and from work when I was a commuter for 3 months - and it never got old. I still listen to the album most days now. Sam Smith is such an amazing artist, he is so so talented. I could (and do) listen to his voice 24-7. If you haven't heard this album (first off - what the heck!!!) you need to get your hands on it now. Thank me later. 

Taylor Swift 1989 
Well, I can't say I was always a Taylor fan, but much to my surprise - she is pretty darn amazing. I did like the odd song she released but then I found her irritating. However, there's something about her recently that I'm starting to like. Then Shake It Off came out and I loved it, even more so Blank Space... so I got the album and voila, I'm a Swiftie & proud.

Jessie Ware Tough Love 
I love her. She has the most stunning voice and this album has some catchy but chilled songs - You & I being a favourite, along with Champagne Kisses and Desire. It's one of those alums were you can proper belt it out and have a good ole sing along (much to Jake's delight).

What albums are you currently listening to?